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Our Faith

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Since 2000, series A

James Liang | Co-founder & Chairman

Always Belive that
Something Wonderful is
about to Happen.

Since 2010, series A

Jun Lei

Mi | Founder, Chairman & CEO

Every Possibility.

Since 2011, Series Angel

Su Hua

Kuaishou | Founder & Chairman

Better Health,
Better Care.

Since 2012, series A

Jerry Liao

WeDoctor | Chairman & CEO

Make Work
Simple & Creative.

Since 2013, series A

Ke Ge

Kingsoft Office | Chairman

AI on Horizon,
Journey Together

Since 2015, Series Angel

Kai Yu

Horizon Robotics | Founder & Chief Scientist

Start Smart.
Drive Smarter.

Since 2017, series A+

Xiaopeng He

Xpeng | Chairman & CEO

Autonomous Mobility

Since 2017, series B+

James Peng | Co-Founder & CEO

A Long History of
Great Relationships

Important Notice

Recently, we noticed certain person that impersonated our staff to publish false information and carry out illegal activities such as financing, wealth management, capital raising, fund product selling, stocks, funds, and click farming via websites, Apps, WeChat, Weibo, and other channels in the name of Wuyuan Capital, Wuyuan and 5Y Capital (hereinafter referred to as "5Y Capital"). 


5Y Capital hereby declares: 


5Y Capital has never authorized and will never authorize any entity or individual to conduct any public fundraising activities in the name of 5Y Capital through any channels such as websites, Apps, WeChat, and Weibo. All individuals and groups participating in the above activities are involved in illegal capital raising. We disclaims any legal or commercial relationships thereof. These illegal activities have seriously damaged 5Y Capital’s image and reputation, and we reserve the right to take legal actions against the above-mentioned entities and individuals. 


Please stay alert to false information to avoid any financial loss. 


The official contact information of 5Y Capital is as follows: 


[Official website] 


[Official WeChat account] 

5Y Capital (the5ycap) 


[Official Weibo account]