Your Vision
Our Faith

Your Trusted Trip

5Y + Trip since 2000, series A

James Liang | Co-founder & Chairman

Global Video-based
Social Media Platform.

5Y + Joyy since 2007, series A

David Li

Joyy | Chairman & CEO

Always Belive that
Something Wonderful is
about to Happen.

5Y + Mi since 2010, series A

Jun Lei

Mi | Founder, Chairman&CEO

Every Possibility.

5Y + Kuaishou since 2011, Series Angel

Su Hua

Kuaishou | Founder&CEO

Better Health,
Better Care.

5Y + WeDoctor since 2012, series A

Jerry Liao

WeDoctor | Chairman and CEO

Make Real-Time
Engagement Ubiquitous.
Anytime. Anywhere.
Any App.

5Y + Agora since 2013, series A

Tony Zhao

Agora | Founder & CEO

Make Work
Simple & Creative.

5Y + Kingsoft Office since 2013, series A

Ke Ge

Kingsoft Office | Chairman

AI for a Better

5Y+ Sensetime since 2017, series B

Li Xu

SenseTime | Co-founder & CEO

Start Smart.
Drive Smarter.

5Y + Xpeng since 2017, series A+

Xiaopeng He

Xpeng | Chairman & CEO

Autonomous Mobility

5Y + since 2017, series B+

James Peng | Co-Founder & CEO

A Long History of
Great Relationships