About 5Y Capital

5Y Capital (formerly known as Morningside Venture Capital) currently manages approximately USD 5bn in dual-currency funds in USD and RMB, backed by world-renowned sovereign wealth funds, family offices, fund of funds, university endowments, pensions and foundations.

Celebrating Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the ability to awaken oneself and others to change and make things happen. At 5Y Capital, we celebrate this ability that entrepreneurs and ourselves share in common. 

Valuing People

Great entrepreneurs are often misunderstood and hard to identify at the beginning. Through extensive exploration and in-depth research, 5Y Capital recognizes the best of the best, helps them tap into their unique advantages and achieve greatness.  

Being Proud

Pride is not arrogance. It is the self-confidence and belief that drives us forward. What we have behind the scenes at 5Y Capital is a team of people eager to achieve something to be proud of, willing to invest their effort and passion into their work. 

Where others see crazy ones, we see visionaries. This is how we make the world a better place.